Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tim Times Ten Grand Give-A-Way Challenge: Day Four

Tim Times Ten Grand Give-A-Way Challenge: Day Four

 Today, your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to create an accordion tag of your own! Your accordion tag must have 4 panels like the picture above. The accordion must be a folded accordion -- in other words, don't cut 4 individual tags and tape them together. You must use one piece of cardstock to create the 4-paneled tag. Therefore, your tag must clearly show that it is one layer. The one pictured here was created using decorative cardstock -- there was no need for me to layer it onto chipboard for strength. Today's theme is Spring Break! Your accordion tag should be embellished to depict Spring/Spring Break fun, sun, and activities. Lastly, your tag should include at least one cut out word which has had its edges inked. You do not have to use the Cricut/Gypsy to cut out your word. You just need to cut it out and ink it.

My inspiration for this challenge was the visit to the Botanical Garden.  Beautiful place and so full of color.
My accordion tag  was cut as one piece from a 12 inch by 12 inch cardstock.
Next inking the letters took some time, since I decided to use very delicates one.
Here is the final product:

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  1. Nice tag Julia...Yes..I see Botanical gardens...TFS

  2. Very pretty tag. I love your inspiration for this tag! I am a follower.


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