Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ideas, more ideas and what?

Today I woke up and a million ideas came to me, then all of the sudden they were gone.

Recently this has happened with some frequency. Don’t know why, maybe the day to day responsibilities take over my creativity and I feel empty.

Panic mode overcame the first time this happened. But then I began taking notes of the ideas as they came to me, and it worked.

So a collection of journals, sketching pads and notebooks became part of my day to day routine and my home and working space. I even have a small notebook in my purse, so If any idea appears, there is no reason for me not to remember.

I get so many compliments each time the little notebook comes out of my purse, that I began making them for friends and family, not long after that other people were asking for them.

Here are some examples:

They are really easy to make and something I want to share with you!

Mini Notebook


• Patterned paper
• Solid color paper or cardstock
• Notebook 3 ¾ in. x 4 ½ in.
• Double sided tape
• Glue
• Decorations: ribbons, jewels, digital stamp


1. Cut two pieces 3 ¾ in. x 5 ½ in. for the outside of your notebook, patterned paper ( A pieces)

2. Cut a piece 1 ¼ in. x 4 ½ in. for the spine, solid color paper or cardstock (B piece).

3. Cut two pieces 3 in. x 4 ¼ in. for the inside cover, solid color paper or cardstock (C pieces).

4. Score A pieces ½ inch from the borders on three sides of the paper, don’t touch one of the 5 ½ in. side. Fold the scores using a bone folder.

5. Trim the corners as shown in next photo.

6. Add heavy duty double sided tape to both A pieces.

7. Using the scores in these pieces as guides, cover the front and back of the notebook, notice that there is a small area on the side that’s not covered.

8. Score B pieces ½ in. from the border on both sides of the paper. Add heavy duty double sided tape to the B piece (spine).

9. Attach the spine to notebook.

10. Tie white ribbon around front cover.

11. Add double sided tape to C pieces and attach to inside of covers. This will give a nice finishing touch.

12. Now you are ready to decorate the notebook.

13. I used a digi stamp from:, the name is Coneflowers and it’s a freebie. Used coloring pencils to put the finishing touches to this design.

14. Use an oval shape die cut and distress the borders to add the finishing touch to this piece.

15. Add glue and attach to front of notebook.

16. Embellish with some jewels.

You can also watch the video tutorial here.

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  1. Thank you for this tutorial, I am sure as you say a lovely gift.


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